Christoph Nord, better known as Maverick, was a member of Weapon X Program's ops-unit Team X alongside Wolverine, Sabretooth and Silver Fox.[1]

During a Team X mission in Germany to found the C-Synthesizer, Maverick and his teammates fought Soviet Super-Soldier Omega Red; however, after Sabretooth had obtained the C-Synth, he imprisoned Maverick and Silver Fox in a closed room with Omega Red, escaping from the complex with Wolverine. After that mission Team X disbanded, and the two members were considered to have been killed by Omega Red.[1]

Secretly, Maverick and Silver Fox had successfully escaped the facility, and in the present day, they have gathered their former Team X mates Wolverine and Sabretooth at the Weapon X Facility in Canada, where they hoped to get answers about their messed-up memories. Instead, they activated the Weapon X failsafe security protocol known as Talos. After having defeated several Talos units, they escaped, destroying the compound.[1]





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