When Christopher killed his parents by causing them to crash their car, he was separated from his brother Jesse, and what happened to him is unknown. What is known is that the White Queen hoped to recruit him into the original Hellions, an offer he declined, although Tarot had fallen in love with him. Somehow, the two lovers' souls became inextricably bound to one another, resulting in Tarot's reincarnation even after being slaughtered by the homicidal maniac Trevor Fitzroy.


Years later, he resurfaced, leading the New Hellions, and hoped to ransom the United States government for a fortune by unleashing the Armageddon Man. His brother Jesse, who had joined X-Force in the meantime—found him after years of searching, and was almost convinced into joining Christopher's cause. However, as the events began to unfold it became clear that Christopher would crush anyone, even family, who got in his way. He even devised a clever plan of switching the mind of Domino with one of his operatives in order to keep X-Force from discovering the devious nature of his plan. Even though his plan was carefully laid, King Bedlam did not succeed at his goal. Upon his thwarting, he fell into comic book limbo until recently.


As a result of the Scarlet Witch's actions during the House of M incident, over 90% of the mutants in the entire world were stripped of their mutant abilities in an event named M-Day. Included among the numbers was King Bedlam.[1]


Telepathic Static: (formerly) Christopher could mentally disrupt other peoples' thoughts by instilling telepathic static in the minds of others that disrupted higher brain functions. People affected by his mental attacks become incapable of concentrating on any conscious action, and are often completely disabled to the point where lose control of their autonomic motor functions, collapsing into a semi-conscious heap. A signature of his power is that his victims begin spouting gibberish.

Telepathic Immunity: (formerly) The static also produces psionic interference that offered him and others protection from telepathy and other forms of psychic manipulation.

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