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Christopher Cassera

When Christopher Cassera's father was murdered, he wrongfully accused Deadpool for his father's death. In response to this, Deadpool gave him a spare costume and trained him so that he could exact his revenge on the real culprit, Maxy Millions.[2]

Deadpool and Christopher went after Maxy. After failing to kill Maxy at his apartment, Christopher got into a fistfight with Maxy and slipped explosives into his pocket, which he detonated when he go the chance, killing Maxy. Deadpool gave Christopher share of the money he earned from the death of Maxy, a plane ticket to Europe, paid tuition to Oxford University, and a new identity. However, Christopher still blamed Deadpool for his father's death and attempted to blow Deadpool's home, but Deadpool disarmed the explosives.[3]

Chris later made a second attempt in destroying Deadpool's home and was successful because Deadpool wasn't home. He then told Deadpool he longer felt like killing him and drove off on Deadpool's motorcycle with his girlfriend Miki.[4] Deadpool would later get his revenge. As a spirit, he possessed Christopher's body and made him pinch the butt of the Juggernaut, which led to the Juggernaut beating up Christopher.[5]

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Christopher has no powers and is very thin. He possesses limited knowledge of explosives and is decent with a rifle.



Night-vision goggles that allow him to see in total darkness.





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