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Wanting to kill himself because his wife was leaving him and taking the kids, Chris Daniels attempted suicide, only to lose his nerve. Mephisto appeared and offered him the courage to kill himself in exchange for his soul. Chris accepted, only to discover the only way he could die was by the hand of Ghost Rider (whose soul Mephisto really wanted). No matter how extensive the injury received, Chris Daniels would always be healed.[1]

Ghost Rider

Daniels got involved with Ghost Rider's fight against Zodiak hoping to find a way to die. However, he ended up saved an innocent bystander and killing Zodiak, making him the hero.[2]

Death Ninja

He again got involved with Ghost Rider's fight against Death Ninja. At the end, all the flesh was burned from his bones by an A.I.M. laser. He was able to regenerate from even that.[3]

After Civil War

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[4]


He was later recruited in to a team of immortals called the Unkillables who was sent to capture Wolverine.[5]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[8]
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  • Healing Factor: Daniels was mystically enhanced by Mephisto allowing him durability and the ability to heal any injury or wound almost instantly. He can still feel pain.[6]


If Suicide ever manages to kill Dan Ketch, he would himself die.[6]

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