Ganyrog replaced Yandroth as Scientist Supreme on the planet Yann. He also lead their Masters of the Mental Arts. When volcanic upheavals imperiled Yannians, Ganyrog lead his team on a rescue mission, only to encounter the Defenders who had been transported to Yann. The two teams realized their common enemy in Yandroth and the threat he represented to both their planets. Bringing the full might of the Masters, the team transported to Earth to "run interference" between the heroes of Earth (whose actions might unwittingly cause the destruction of the planet) and Yandroth's schemes. The plan succeeded and Yandroth was taken back to Yann for trial.[1]

Yandroth later escaped custody and killed Ganyrog and Romantic Objective Pamela.[2]


  • Jet-pack
  • He is an evident pastiche of the DC comics character Adam Strange, donning a similar uniform with similar equipments, having a female partner ressembling Adam's wife Alanna Strange and living on a planet named Yann, a name that sounds like Strange's iconic planet Rann.

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