Triage was brought to Memorial Hospital by Nightcrawler to heal an injured Kitty Pryde after the X-Men were ambushed by the Press Gang. When Triage was going to check on her, he was taken out by Mystique who disguised herself as Dr. Reyes, while the real one was knocked out by Mystique before Triage showed up.

Triage was carried on Mystique's back to the pickup point to meet up with the rest of the Press Gang but their Quinjet was destroyed. So they used the abilities of Triage's teammate Tempus to escape back to Genosha in hopes that he could heal the mutant plague ravaging the island's residents. Triage instead was being probed Dr. Kluge in order to help resurrect Cameron Hodge.[1]

After the analysis by the Genegineer, Triage was in the streets of Hammer Bay curing the people alongside Rogue who absorbed a portion of his power to quicken the healing process. But they were interrupted when Phoenix and a select group of X-Men showed up to rescue them.

During the assault, Triage tried to plea with Rachel by letting her know that the plague was far worse then they originally thought but she dismissed him by saying that her only concern was rescuing their teammates.[2]

As Hodge picked off where he left all the years ago, both teams split up with Triage going with Phoenix and the others to face off against the monster. Hodge was eventually stopped when Bombshell and Press Gang leader Havok combined their powers in a massive explosion while Wolfsbane crashed the X-Men's Blackbird into Hodge. Triage was last seen mourning the losses with his fellow comrades.[3]


Seemingly those of the Christopher Muse of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Christopher Muse of Earth-616.

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