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Christopher Thorn was originally a nuclear physicist, working alongside James Braddock Sr. at his laboratory in his home Braddock Manor. When Braddock died, his sentient computer Mastermind looked to Thorn for leadership, granting him superhuman powers and altering his personality, with the result that Thorn became a super-villain calling himself Doctor Synne.

Doctor Synne began using his new-found powers to mentally control the inhabitants of local villages, before targeting Braddock's children. Doctor Synne tried to kill Braddock's eldest child Jamie Braddock at a motor racing track[1], and later mind-controlled Braddock's daughter Elizabeth Braddock and caused her to attack her brothers Jamie and Brian, who was secretly the superhero Captain Britain[2]. The brothers safely overpowered Elizabeth, however, and brought her to the Morder Research Centre where she was left in the care of Dr. Ramsey, who was also under Synne's control[3].

He then clashed with Captain Britain who wanted to free a woman who was put on a spyre by a village controlled by Synne[4]. When Emma Collins disconnected the Mastermind computer, his powers left him and he died[5].



Doctor Synne had certain mental powers.

  • Mind Control: Doctor Synne could control the minds of others.
  • Illusions: He could also create convincing illusions.
  • Energy Projection: He could also project energy bolts.
  • Force Fields


Doctor Synne had knowledge of nuclear physics.


Doctor Synne was dependent for his powers on the computer Mastermind. Without the computer, he was powerless, and grew weaker, to the point of death.


Doctor Synne's mind control of Elizabeth Braddock apparently had the effect of awakening her mutant telepathic abilities, setting her on the path towards becoming the superheroine Psylocke.

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