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Quote1 We have no possible ulterior motivations, Havok. We merely want to see Earth saved and our timelines given an opportunity to exist. Quote2
Magistrate Braddock[src]

The Chronos Corps was a group gathered by Kang the Conqueror to undo the plan of his adopted children, the Apocalypse Twins,[1] which erased all of Earth's futures.[2] They were from the erased timelines.[1]


Kang Dynasty (Earth-6311) being destroyed from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 12

Kang's timeline being erased

As part of their vengeance against their abusive father Kang, the Apocalypse Twins plotted to use the Celestials to destroy Earth by framing the planet for the death of a Gardener. Not only did they intend to destroy humanity and save mutantkind, they also wished to completely wipe out Kang's empire by eradicating the Earth and its futures.[2]

The Twins' actions caused Kang's timeline to crumble from a time storm.[3] Kang escaped before his timeline was erased and he saved a few others whose timelines were also being unwritten. They were Stryfe, Venom, Iron Man 2020, Doom 2099, Ahab, Magistrate Elizabeth Braddock, and Deathlok Abomination.[1] Later, Thor relunctantly joined this group.[4]

The Twins' Tachyon Dam was preventing time travel which had stopped Kang or Immortus from interferring with their plans. Many years after the Twins won, Havok decided to destroy the Dam to receive help from Immortus but ended up with Kang and the Chronos Corps instead.[5] Using their combined technologies, the Corps sent the minds of the surviving Avengers Unity Division back in time, as the Tachyon Dam only prevented physical time travel.[6] After doing so, the Twins' timeline began to crumble.[7]

Chronos Corps (Multiverse) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 21 001
Back in the past, the Avengers successfully stopped the Twins' plan, but it was all part of Kang's own greater plan to steal the power of a Celestial. Seeing that they were outmatched, the Chronos Corps were forced to help him. Immortus' forces arrived to stop Kang and the Avengers Unity Division managed to prevent Kang from gaining the power of the Celestial. With Kang defeated, he and the Chronos Corps left the timeline.[8]


  • The Chronos Corps has much in common with the Anachronauts, a cadre of warriors who served Kang back when Kang had a kingdom.

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