Chryses was a priest of Apollo in the city of Chryse, and the father of Chryseïs.[1]

That city being allied to Troy and neighboring it, it was sacked by Achilles and his Myrmidons among other cities. Along with Briseïs, widow of King Mynes of Lyrnessus, Chryseïs was captured, (and was stated to be among the most beautiful women enslaved by the Achaeans).[1]

Chryseïs went to Agamemnon and Briseïs to Achilles. Achilles became resentful towards Agamemnon, over the equity of the sharing.[1]

Nine years later and after, Chryses caused Apollo's arrow to rain death on the Achaeans, Agamemnon released Chryseïs, and took Briseïs for him, leading to a feud between them, and to Achilles withdrawing from the fight.[1]

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