Chtty was the leader of the Chrrt-chuk people, the squirrel-like inhabitants of the planet Chitt-crrt. When a scammer dressed as the Silver Surfer attempted to blackmail the inhabitants of Chitt-crrt, claiming that Galactus was going to devour their planet unless they paid with gold and jewels, the Chrrt-chuk decided to search for a way to defeat Galactus. To this end, they abducted Squirrel Girl's companion Tippy-Toe since the duo had previously fended off against Galactus. They also accidentally kidnapped Squirrel Girl's friend Nancy Whitehead, with whom Tippy was spending time when the Chrrt-chuk put their plan in motion.

The Chrrt-chuck then placed both Tippy-Toe and Nancy in a complex holographic simulation in hopes they would divulge the way Galactus was defeated. Due to the Chrrt-chuk's lack of subtlety, their abductees soon noticed something was off and were eventually freed from the subterfuge. Chtty explained their situation to their unwilling guests, and was disappointed when Tippy revealed Squirrel Girl and her had simply befriended Galactus when they confronted him. Since the Chrrt-chuck had used up all their stored-up energy for Tippy-Toe and Nancy's teleportation and couldn't find another solution with only hour left before Galactus' supposed arrival, Nancy simply suggested to wait for Squirrel Girl's eventual arrival since she would be looking for her friends.[1]

Nancy and the Chrrt-chuck were investigating a bomb left by the grifters when Squirrel Girl and her allies arrived, crashing into it with the Milano. With the bomb destroyed, Chtty discovered that its components were nothing but painted pieces of plywood, and with Squirrel Girl's help, they deduced that they had been lied to. When the scammers returned to Chitt-crrt, Nancy attempted to give them a taste of their own medicine, and used the Chrrt-chuk's holographic projectors to create an image of Galactus to scare them off. Since the holographic emitters weren't made for such big projections, they malfunctioned and shut down.

The real Silver Surfer arrived to Citt-crrt not long afterwards, and confronted the scammers. Squirrel Girl mistook him for another scammer,[2] and got into a brief fight with him before clearing it up. Problems didn't end since a fleet of ships representing the planets scammed by the grifters arrived and attacked the Silver Surfer.[3] Fortunately, Squirrel Girl and the Silver Surfer managed to clear up the misunderstanding with them as well. In the meantime, the Chrrt-chuck helped guard the grifters so they didn't escape. In the end, the scammers were punished with manual labor, and the Chrrt-chuk managed to live happily.[4]

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