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Quote1.png Oh, uh, hey, listen. I haven't really been at this that long, but... I'm here to help. You helped rescue me from that Goblin guy, and this isn't over by a longshot. Just let me know what I can do to help. Quote2.png


Cindy Moon was bitten by the same Radioactive Spider that created her universe's Spider-Man, Cindy was locked away in a bunker to hide her from the Inheritors. Once she escaped, she joined the Spider-Army as Silk.

Silk arrived to Earth-12131 through a portal, and she was subsequently kidnapped by the Green Goblin. When the Inheritors caught up with her, the Green Goblin threatened to kill her, and additionally revealed to the Inheritors that he could use her blood to create a serum that granted regular people spider-powers, and made them fit for the Inheritors to devour. Once the spider-goons started plaguing New York City, the Alliance were able to track down the source of the serum to the Green Goblin and Silk.

Spider-Man 2099 was accompained by the Alliance to rescue Silk. Once the Goblin was defeated, he was able to slip away with Silk to hand her over to Morlun and Karn. The Spider-Army followed them and distracted the Inheritors for long enough to allow Silk break free from their grasp and reunite with the Spider-Army. The combined force of the Spiders was enough to force the Inheritors to flee. Once the dust settled, Silk and the Spider-Army went back to navigating the Multiverse in their fight against the Inheritors.[1]

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