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Cindy's life mirrored that of her Earth-616 counterpart aside from a few notable changes. As a high school student attending a science exhibition at OSCORP labs, Cindy was nearly bitten by a spider irradiated by a particle accelerator used in the exhibit, but it was killed by a newspaper. The spider was witnessed by Cindy's parents, who conducted a lengthy lawsuit against OSCORP for negligence under suspicion of the spider. After head of the genetics division, Dr. Curt Connors, testified that the effects of a bite from the spider would have resulted in either death or superpowers for the young Cindy, Cindy became obsessed over what could have been.[1]

Obsession Of The Spider

Increasingly filled with a lingering sense of loss over missing the spider bite, Cindy became fascinated and mortified with the power the spider could have granted her and her own death. Her own mundane life became insignificant to her and she dedicated her life to maximizing her life and the answers that were lost to her. With her winnings from the lawsuit settlement, Cindy invested her wealth in the study of genetics to recreate and improve upon the spider that almost bit her, but nearly depleted her funds after years of failed work and cut ties with her family when she became close to a breakthrough. Cindy's breakthrough came in the form of S.H.I.E.L.D., specifically S.W.O.R.D. astronaut and SHIELD Agent Jesse Drew who was the lone survivor of an alien spider attack that infected Drew's blood with a lethal parasite. Cindy brokered a deal with SHIELD to fix Drew's radiation poisoning, which granted him enhanced spider-like powers but kept him reliant on an isotope created by Cindy similar to the one that irradiated the OSCORP spider.

When Cindy refused to continue her experiments for SHIELD, she found herself at risk of losing all she built, but the knowledge of the isotope and the treatment for Drew were known only to her which Cindy used to blackmail Drew into stealing back her research. Drew would later become Agent 77 in Cindy's S.I.L.K. organization, a shadowy international espionage organization Cindy created as a countermeasure to SHIELD. Eventually, the two of them rebelled against S.H.I.E.L.D. and fought Captain America. Cindy eventually grew more obsessed with her experiments as she gained more influence, which led her to supposedly release one of the spiders she had developed into the wild to test its effects while being fearful of what could have happened to her, which made its way to Gwen Stacy and granted her the powers Cindy has long sought after.[2]

Conflict With Spider-Woman

Cindy would continue to shadow and study Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman and used S.I.L.K. to gather data in the hopes of developing a more powerful and effective version of the experiment that granted Gwen her powers. During her research, Cindy discovered Gwen possessed an interdimensional teleporter, which she decided to steal from Gwen and use to travel to Earth-616 and steal a vast array of the dimension's weapons and technology. Cindy was confronted by her 616 counterpart and Gwen, and revealed herself as Spider-Gwen's "benefactor" before stripping Gwen of her powers and beating her in single combat. With Spider-Gwen and Cindy's heroic counterpart defeated, Cindy returned to her home dimension with her newfound arsenal.

After finding out Cindy had already cured him of his condition and lied under the pretense of providing cure treatments, Jesse Drew betrayed Cindy and gave Jessica Drew the access codes and location of Cindy's weapons bunker. There Drew, the heroic Silk counterpart, and Spider-Woman managed to defeat Cindy and put her into the custody of SHIELD where she remains ever since.[3]

Dealing With The Devil

After Spider-Woman had become inactive for sometime, Matt Murdock broke into the secret S.H.I.E.L.D. prison to pay a visit to Cindy (who he was romantically involved with), with her asking why he wanted Spider-Woman around. Cindy supplied Murdock with a surplus of Radioactive Spider Isotopes to test Spider-Woman and told Murdock that she was responsible for removing the vigilante's powers.[4] Sometime later, a venomized Spider-Woman paid Cindy a visit and threatened her, as Cindy calmly explained her own obsession with the vigilante and what could have been if she was given powers instead of being afraid of the consequences. She also explained how the vigilante could better control the aggressive symbiote attached to her and use it to take revenge on Murdock.[5] Sometime later, Cindy appeared again once Gwen started serving her prison sentence for her actions as Spider-Woman, and refused to provide aid to Gwen during her time being continually tormented by SHIELD prisoners.[6]

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