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Silk was initially one of the heroes who trapped Manipulator, after this failing (when "died" many superhereos),[1] Silk merged with Warlock and founded the Underground with the surviving heroes; the Underground tried to stop the giant using atomic bombs, but the only effects were the mutation of Wolverine, Puck, and Mole Man. When Spider-Man and Deadpool of Earth-616 arrived in this reality,[2] Silk and the Underground tried a last attack to the Manipulator, but they were all captured.[1] Silk was later freed by Deadpool like all other superheroes and all together fought against the Manipulator.[3] When Gwenpool suggested to break through the chest of the giant enemy, every character appeared from an unidentified reality and fought the Manipulator for the last time. Silk met her counterpart of the past and thanked Deadpool who travelled into time and comics to find more allies; at the end, Cindy dissolved herself because she was a part of Robbie Thompson's imagination.[4]

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Seemingly those of the Cindy Moon of Earth-616.

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