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Circus of Crime
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Old West
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The Circus of Crime was a traveling circus show of criminals who would rob small towns which everyone was at the circus watching the show.


While traveling to Abilene, the circus members encountered Kid Colt, who was on the run from a posse. Sawyer allowed Colt to hide in his wagon until the posse went by. When the circus stopped for the night Colt tried to leave, but Sawyer demanded that he stay, as they needed another man for their show in Abilene. Colt refused, and the circus members attacked him. Outmatched, Colt was forced to work with the circus.

When they arrived in Abilene, Colt was ordered by Sawyer to run the ticket booth, but he soon snuck away, curious at what the circus members were up to. He saw Sawyer leading the circus members into a bank, easily robbing it with their talents while most of the town was out at the big top.

In order to expose the circus members without risking himself, Colt put on a bandanna and entered the big top, pretending to be a performer. Sawyer tried to shoot him, but Colt shot his rifle from his hands, making it look like part of the show. He went on to best Captain Corbett's bear and gorilla by pitting the two animals against each other, shot Blade Benson in the arm to disarm him, and shot Mister Marvel down from the high wire, causing him to land on Sawyer. Colt then revealed to the audience that the circus members were a band of crooks, and rode away.


Transportation: Horse pulled circus wagons


This Circus of Crime should not be confused with the modern era Circus of Crime or the Old West Circus of Crime briefly formed by the Iron Mask.

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