Cisco Pike and his gang operated primarily down by the Texas/Mexico border, near the town of Lonesome Dove. They had a run-in with a couple of Texas Rangers down there by the names of Woodrow Caul and Augustus McRay which prompted them to leave. They wound up in the little town of Wells Junction and immediately proceeded to take over the local saloon. When they were opposed by the town's sheriff, Matt Morgan, Pike shot him down and killed his deputy. The men later robbed the saloon and raped several women before leaving.

Pike planned on returning to the town, however, believing that he and his men could take it over. They tried to enlist the help of the Rawhide Kid, but he refused instead becoming Morgan's new deputy. When Pike learned of this, he recruited several more unusual criminals and outlaws to help him dispose of the Kid. When Pike and his gang invaded the town, they found it to be empty. Pike dispatched some of his men to rob the bank and others to free his second-in-command, Red Duck, from the town jail. The Rawhide Kid dispatched all of Pike's men and then faced Pike himself one on one. The Kid, however, had a plan to make sheriff Matt Morgan again look like a hero in the eyes of his son, so he allowed Pike to shoot him down while he had an iron skillet under his shirt protecting his chest. Morgan was then forced to face Pike and in the resulting gun fight, Pike was shot straight through the chest. No one but Morgan's girlfriend, Laura Ingulls, knew that it was really the Rawhide Kid who had gunned down Pike using a Derringer.

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Cisco Pike was an accomplished gunslinger and a decent horseman. His dirt map making ability, however, was limited.






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