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Citadel was a soldier who was injured overseas and sent to a Weapon Plus facility. While there he and other soldiers had Adamantium grafted to their bodies, he was the most successful subject of the process.

After breaking out he organized his fellow test subjects, and captured the Governor General, planning to get the media's attention and expose the project unless he and his men were compensated.

But because of the actions of Wolverine, Snowbird, Aurora and Shaman he failed. Before Wolverine could get any information out of him he was taken away. Shortly after Wolverine was recruited to the X-Men.[1]

A few years later Shaman contacted Wolverine and told him Citadel was suffering from adamantium poisoning, Logan brought Kitty with him back to Canada, so she could use her phasing powers to help administer medication through his impenetrable form, but Citadel died before they arrived.[1]

Citadel, seemingly never having died, later attacked Department H alongside Purple Woman, but was stopped by Alpha Flight.[2] Taken to a Department H facility, he was brainwashed by the Master of the World's Unity program and drafted into Alpha Strike, a government-led force dedicated to defeating Alpha Flight led by former Alpha Flight leader Vindicator.[3]

Powers and Abilities


  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Citadel possesses a healing factor. This was revealed when in the final battle between Alpha Flight and Alpha Strike, Wolverine stabbed Citadel in the only place his Adamantium claws could pierce, his eyes, but after a couple of seconds he recovered himself. Having literally been torn apart in the process of allowing adamantium to be surgically attached to his body, he healed all the after effecting damages almost instantly and painlessly.
  • Invulnerability: Adamantium has been surgically crafted to his entire body, except for his eyes. Giving him a level of Invulnerability.
  • Superhuman Strength: Citadel has enhanced super strength, powerful enough to throw Colossus through a room and send him flying.

Physical Strength

  • He displayed enough strength to match that of Colossus.[1]


  • Citadel said he was brought to a clinic where he was experimented on,[1] but it is safe to assume that it was a Weapon Plus facility.

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