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City is the living embodiment of the Dome which the Maker Reed Richards and the Children of Tomorrow erected in Northern Germany. It was perfected and achieved by Derrim Fermann.[1] After losses from attacks by the Hulk, Zorn, and nuclear bombardment by the United States The Maker allowed the city to upgrade using a program locked under the phrase "Invincible under the sun" allowing the AI to manipulate the line of the city itself for offensive and defensive purposes.[2]

When Tony Stark was held captive by the Children, Stark's self-conscious technology interfacing brain tumor, Anthony, convinced the City to rebel against the Maker. Holding a quorum with all members of the Children of Tomorrow it was decided because of his master's counter-evolutionary acts of war, creation of the child Death, and suppression of the cities' capabilities to remove Reed as leader. It allowed Anthony to create a giant Iron Man Armor and use it against Richards, thus City became the new leader of the Children.[3]

Second Iteration

Some time after the Children of Tomorrow were lost, the City appeared located in underground Manhattan, where Richards secretly continued his activities as the Maker.[4] This is likely not the same city as before but rather a copy or another version of the base architecture.



Urban Empathy: City, hence its name and acronym, is the heart and soul of the advanced Dome controlling and manipulating everything within its expanse. Buildings, technologies, the cradles where new Children of Tomorrow are born; everything. It can even recreate its own substance as self assembling armor automatons with a host of advanced weaponry.


Computer Interaction: As an advanced AI it has extraordinary hacking abilities and information management.

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