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Elder Days

The site of the City of Sickles originally consisted of a megalith structure surrounding a massive stone bowl at the bottom of a pit, utilized by a cult dedicated to the eldritch god Jhoatun Lau, the Marrow God. The cult sacrificed countless victims to summon the Marrow God to Earth in hopes that they would join him in his "Temple in the Stars" after he fed. He could only be summoned when a planet beyond Pluto within the Solar system was in the proper orbit to form a conjunction with Earth, which occurred only "once a millenium".[1]

113,000 years ago,[2] during the last conjunction, the cultists succeeded, but Jhoatun Lau seemingly found their sacrifice lacking and slaughtered them before returning to his domain.[1]

Hyborian Age

Worship of Jhoatun Lau persisted into the Hyborian Age, when a large temple called the City of Sickles was built around the ancient temple, with a fortress and village being constructed nearby.

Modern Age

In the Modern Age, the City of Sickles was located in the Savage Land, and was used by cultists who sought to summon Jhoatun Lau to Earth. The cult of Jhoatun Lau allied themselves with the other magic sects such as Egyptian cultists and the Hand in order to provide a sufficient sacrifice to succeed the rite, and all three groups had their district stylized in their image.[1]

Points of Interest

The city is noticeably split into three sections: one for the Jhoatun Lau cultists, another for the Hand, and the last for the Egyptian cultists.[1]

  • Temple to Jhoatun Lau
  • Hyborian fortress / "Hyborian Wizard Embassy"[2]
  • Egyptian sector
  • Hand sector


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