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Quote1 You KNEW this would happen. All along. You sacrificed your status as a friend, colleague and hero for the greater good of this country. You alone understood the ramifications of such a course of action. And for that act of courage I truly and honestly applaud you. Quote2
Sally Floyd

Appearing in "Embedded part 11"

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Synopsis for "Embedded part 11"

The Super Hero Civil War is over; the citizens of New York look at their destroyed city. Sally and Ben emerge from the subway station where they took shelter. Cap is arrested, fires are being put out. Giant-Man helps with the recovery, Daredevil grieves. Typeface's corpse is carried away. Everyone's minds are clearing up as the battle damage is assessed; the price has been too great.

Sally and Ben arrive at the Raft for an interview with Steve Rogers; to ask him some hard questions. Though he insists he felt the Super Human Registration Act was a violation of his basic rights as an American, he is sorry for what he did to defend his view. Steve admits that he was too stubborn, and feels responsible for the escalated violence as he could have easily come to the table like Tony Stark and Reed Richards did. Sally confronts him with questions that reveal he is entirely out of touch with the America of today; that it has changed both in the way that it communicates and how people look at their heroes. The people wanted the registration act, and Steve failed to realize.

They leave via the elevator, discussing Sally's outbursts. They go on to work on the Pro-registration side of the story, including an interview with Spider-Man. They begin their Frontlines paper, writing about the Atlantean threat. On day ten, they arrive at their interview with Tony Stark, ready to "blow the whole thing open". Sally recaps the war's events, and how the Green Goblin's appearance sparks a war with Atlantis. She knows about the traitor in the pro-registration side - it's Stark. He altered Osborn's nanites to be able to control him into starting a war with Atlantis, knowing it would reunite the heroes instead of having the heroes tear the country apart. She details how he planned the whole thing through, and, knowing how unpopular the law would be, he risked those huge personal sacrifices on a gamble to push it through - and he can never tell anyone.

Tony tells them to get the hell out of his office. The two leave, informing him they have decided to never print the story. Tony watches them leave, sulking. He begins to sob, angrily knocks his Iron Man helmet off his desk and collapses on the floor, crying.

Solicit Synopsis

Sally Floyd and Ben Urich have the hottest story in Marvel history... and the realization that it can never see print - the true reasons behind the Civil War. In the aftermath of the Civil War events, they confront Iron Man and the leaders of the Pro-Registration movement with their findings. The reactions will shock you.

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