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Appearing in "Civil War: War Crimes"

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Synopsis for "Civil War: War Crimes"

Ryker's Island. The Kingpin has set himself up with a deal. Tony Stark comes to pay a visit. Kingpin offers his help in the Civil War and compares himself to that of Luciano during WWII and the Nazis.

Hammerhead, released from prison, plans to take over the Kingpin's territories. One of his first meets, Hammerhead sits down with Slyde and Trapster. Hammerhead is looking to recruit other criminals with an anti-Registration Act paranoia as his base. Slyde is not so sure about this. Underworld steps out from the shadows and blow his brains. The Trapster turns and joins the following.

Turk Barrett, the Kingpin's go-between on the inside, is getting abuse over the Stark/Kingpin partnership deal.

Unhappy with the measly offerings thus far, Stark asks for a bigger pay off. The Kingpin offers up a list of fake names used by those against the Act. Most are defunct, but two aren't. Cloak and Dagger are caught.

Kingpin then offers the safe house of Captain America in exchange for his freedom. Stark plans a S.H.I.E.L.D. raid. However, the safe house is actually one used by Hammerhead and his growing legion of mobsters, thugs and crims.

Furious at the bait and switch, Stark wants to know why the Kingpin would throw away his freedom. Turk hands Stark a gold watch and says that the Kingpin says that Stark would know what that meant.

Hercules and the Falcon discuss the recent play of Cap using the Kingpin's help in the war.

Ryker's Island and Hammerhead is in the infirmary, injuries sustained from the S.H.I.E.L.D. raid. Underworld sneaks up to his bed, says that he's been loyal to the real Kingpin, and blows away Hammerhead using an adamantium bullet.


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