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Quote1.png We're here to free these people. They've committed no crime, unless being a mutant is a crime now. We're not giving up. You'll have to kill us. Are you ready to do that? Quote2.png

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Kitty watches Valerie Cooper on the news and comments on it. Beast enters the room and tells Kitty he hears the 198 rioting. Domino sets off a bomb. Domino and Shatterstar attack some soldiers. Goes back to the news where Valerie Cooper says that mutants are peaceful and law-abiding. Bullets are blocked by Shatterstar's armor, Domino fires a concussion charge at the soldiers and some sentinels show up. They are attacked by the 198. Bishop talks with Colonel Reyes, he orders the Sentinels to use continuous fire. Bishop is warned by Colonel Reyes that he will order his men to use lethal ordnance if the X-Men don't show up. Domino causes lightning to strike two Sentinels. Caliban observes the fighting and reads people's emotions and he messes up Bishop's mind. Shatterstar doesn't think that what Caliban did was honorable. A jet shows up. The X-Men arrive and try to stop the 198 from boarding the jet. Domino and Cyclops talk about what's going on. Emma Frost sees Bishop and cures the psychosis caused by Caliban. The Sentinels are ordered to go after the 198 who have flown off in the jet. Bishop and Cyclops argue after he is told that the X-Men have let the 198 go. In Avengers Tower: Iron Man, Bishop, General Lazer and Valerie Cooper talk about what has happened. They have recruited Sabra and Micromax, and Iron Man suggests that Bishop should command the operation. Lazer doesn't agree while everyone else does. Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Angel and Emma Frost get ready to leave that area. Cyclops tells Emma that she has to stay and when they leave in a car, the Jake Slayton Sentinel shows up to bring Emma back to the estate.

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