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Quote1.png Surrender? What planet are you from?! You may be the new super-charged edition, but the day hasn't come when the X-Men can't take down one lousy sentinel! Quote2.png

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The sentinel grabs Emma and she talks with Valerie Cooper; Emma criticizes what she is doing. Cyclops manages to get through to Captain America and the Secret Avengers. A sentinel shows up and Cyclops and Iceman attack it. It crushes the ice on its face and shows no physical injury. The sentinel creates an explosion that barely misses them and Cyclops and Iceman stall him long enough for them to get away. The 198 are hidden in a defense facility and Caliban finds out that there are lethal weapons inside it. General Lazer talks with Johnny Dee about his powers. Cyclops, Iceman, Beast and Angel head toward the facility. Bishop tells Sabra and Micromax, and General Lazer where the 198 are. The X-Men have found the facility. Bishop, Micromax, Sabra and some Sentinels arrive and Johnny Dee makes Cyclops overload Bishop with optic energy blasts, and it seems like the overload of energy is going to kill Bishop.


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