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Quote1.png After Gert, I never wanted to see another one of my friends die. I would have given anything to stay out of this silly "Civil War". We tried to run away from it because we thought it was just between the adults. But they never asked us what side we were on...they just attacked. And took our friends. Now we're in it. The time to be runaways is over...It's time to do some avenging. Quote2.png
Chase Stein

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Noh-Varr single-handedly defeats the Young Avengrs and Runaways and captures Wiccan, Hulking, Karolina Dean and Xavin's apparently dead body for the Cube's warden, before being retrieved by the warden's men, despite having the Vision's arm sticking out of his chest.

Back at the Cube, the warden commences torturing his new "playthings," while the rest of the young heroes try to determine where their friends were taken.

Solicit Synopsis

The Young Avengers don't like the Runaways, and the feeling is more than mutual! But when the full fury of Marvel's Civil War is brought down on them, they must work together or be destroyed!


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