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Quote1.png Hey, as someone who's fallen off the Goblin Glider more than once, I'm not gonna criticize reasonable safeguards. But I also have some insight into what Clayton might be feeling. And I promise you, no one has less faith in him than him. Quote2.png
Harry Lyman

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Synopsis for 1st story

1:38PM, Spider-Man is fighting five men piloting a Quintronic Man in Long Island City. They try to use their gas against him, but he had mask filters installed after too many bad experiences with villains. He webs one of its arms to the ground and leaps to one of the pilot cabins, telling the man inside that if they are smart enough to build a Quintronic Man, they should know when to save their own lives. The pilots call Spider Man’s bluff, but he tells him to look at is thermocouple readings. They see that their core is overheating and Spider Man tells them to guide the robot into the river, which they do and jump to be cached by the hero. The water cools down the core, one of the pilots saying that if it had blown up, it would have taken half a block with it. Spider-Man confirms this and says that they are going to jail, if they had any doubt. Latter, Spider-Man swings with Ulysses Cain congratulating him for saving many lives. He says that for Spider-Man to figure out where the explosion would happen based on the details of the vision he has to be as smart as Peter Parker. Spider-Man says that if you hang out with him long enough, the nerd stuff rubs on. Ulysses asks him what he will do about Clayton Cole, who seemed like a decent guy to him. Spider-Man says that he is, and still has to figure it out. Ulysses suggests to talk to him, but Spider-Man fears that might be what causes him to break bad. He asks him if there was a reason for them to fight in the vision, but Ulysses couldn’t hear anything do to the equipment Clayton used as Clash. Spider-Man says that Clayton was just a kid looking for thrill and that it ruined his life. He may have ended like him if not for his uncle.

Earlier that day, at 8:03 AM, Clayton steps on a puddle with his new shoes while walking on the street. Sully, a friend of Clayton with whom he previously worked with for the Owl, recognizes him and they greet each other. Sully offers to buy Clayton breakfast with money he earned after a score, but Clayton is violating his parole just by talking to him. Sully says he understands and that he is happy for Clayton, saying that with a legit corporate job, he must be doing well himself.

At 8:16AM, Clayton visits his parents, who are upset that their son is working as an “office drone” for the kid he used to beat at the science fair. His mother suggest that he goes into business by himself, but he says that while he is working on his own stuff, most of the money he makes from Parker goes into a trust until he is off parole and no one will give seed money to a man with a record. He says that when they sell the place, they could back him, but his father says that they have been thinking about retirement and to ask Parker for help. Clayton is embarrassed as Pete already did a lot for him and reveals that he came to ask them for his grandmother’s engagement ring, since Donna and he are getting serious and he wants to get ready. His mother asks him if Donna was the “tattooed yoga person”, but she is an administrative assistant at Parker Industries, whom Clayton already told his mother about. His mother’s excitement ends when he sees that Donna is a single mom and insist that she is after the money her son is yet to make. Clayton takes the ring as his grandma leaved it to him and abruptly leaves to work, his father insisting that he cuts his homeless person beard.

At 10:17AM, Clayton is talking with Donna, the ring in his hand. She reveals that her son Tyler wants to know if he will be his new dad. Clayton tries to make his move, but as soon as he says that it might be a little too soon, she says that she didn’t know Tyler would look at him as a father figure. She tells him that he is a good man, but that her son idolizes him and if he discovers his past, he might try to act out like Clayton did. She tells him that they have to end things now, before things get serious and they get too attached. He tells her that he understands and she excuses herself, this being harder to do than she thought.

At 11:04AM, Clayton is lamenting his breakup with Rohan, a younger employee who didn’t make a mistake that ruined his life and is making five figures out of school. When he tries to conform him, Clayton snaps at him before composing himself. Then their boss, Harry arrives congratulating them for their flying car efforts, but Rohan spots Spider-Man walking by with Ulysses. Rohan says that things can’t be so bad if Spider-Man is backing him and Clayton says he is right. Peter and Spider Man believe in him, so he has to believe in himself. They decide to say hi to him and the kid he is with. While Clayton explains to him his flying car work, the starts to look at him funny and leaves for the “teleconference with Parker” along with Spidey.

At 11:47AM, Clayton notices that Ulysses and Spider-Man are starring at him. Not believing that that kid is an intern, he wonders who he is. At 12:38PM, Peter Parker, who supposedly just flew in from Shanghai, arrives at Clayton’s office. Clayton starts to show him his new projects for the NYPD, but Peter tells him that if he has any problems, even not work-related, to talk to him. Clayton insists that everything is fine and his boss leaves. Clayton doesn’t believe that Peter had a teleconference with that kid just to arrive an hour later and wonders what is going on.

At 2:12PM, Clayton enters Parker’s office, feeling like an ingrate, but wants to know what that kid said to make Spider Man, who knows about his past, to stare at him. Luckily, he has the Retroactive Recorder, his project for the NYPD. With it, there is no need for bugs or informants, just get a warrant to enter a mob building and use the device to capture the still bouncing soundwaves of a conversation. Clayton hears as Ulysses warns Spider-Man about him, only to be interrupted when Spider-Man arrives. Clayton screams at him. He made the Recorder and another dozen inventions that made Parker a fortune, helped them against the Zodiac, and yet he chooses to listen when some punk kid who doesn’t know him says he will go bad. Spider-Man tries to tell him about Ulysses’ powers, but Clayton says that he followed all the rulers. Spider-Man says he didn’t, he used his Crash equipment and broke parole and now broke into Parker’s office. Angry, Clayton quits and leaves before Spidey can stop him.

Happy Hour, at Moynihan's Social Club, a bar for henchmen level villains, Clayton is drinking with Sully and another friend, complaining how the likes of Roxxon Energy Corporation damage the planet while his one mistake will follow him for life. He reveals to them that he made the Wabeware’s voice recognition software and got a bonus… which he can’t access until his parole ends. Depressed, he goes for the next round. There he meets a man who says he was in his shoes, his ex-partner stole his work and went reach, while he is old and poor. Clayton looks up to the man, seeing that he is a cyborg and introduces himself as Mendel Strom. Clayton knows him as the Robot Master, Norman Osborn’s former partner, a supervillain drinking in a henchmen bar. He says he wants to talk about their mutual interests, stopping Clayton when he tries to leave. He explains that there are few databases he can’t access, Parker Industries’s among them, not without his help. Once he is in, he’ll examine their upcoming projects, make changes and put them in the market first. Then they share the profits. No silly costumes or pointless fights. All evidence will lead to Harry Osborn, the son of the man who ruined Mendel, whom Parker will have to replace and Clayton will be there to fill his role. Mendel asks him if they still have nothing in common. Clayton says he let a grudge ruin his life and that he is not like that, but Mendel reminds him of his debts to the Tinkerer, a criminal provider debts higher than what he gains. Mendel says he stands to win and lose much, and that his number is in Clayton’s contacts, giving him a day to think.

At 7:12PM, Harry and Peter discuss the Clayton situation. They talk to their parents and know he tried to get to business himself. Peter wishes he had treated him better so that he would have trusted him to help him. As a former villain himself, Harry says that no one trusts Clayton less than he Clayton himself. He clinged to Peter’s trust, but know thinks its not there. He warns Peter that the attention from wearing the suit can be addictive. Peter decides to wait until Clayton calls him, having left a message on his cell, and to back him up when he does.

At 7:37PM at Clayton’s place, he decides to take his father’s advice and shave to asks Parker to take him back, but becomes shocked when he realizes how old he is, melancholy looking at a picture of him winning the science fair. He calls the Tinkerer, asking him to rush his order for him and agrees to pay extra.

At 7:27Am, the next day, he receives an express package outside his apartment. It’s an updated Clash suit. He puts it on and calls Stromm.

Solicit Synopsis

• Ulysses made a shocking prediction that someone in Spider-Man’s life would turn traitor… and it isn’t who you’d expect!

• The folks at Parker Industries already had one mole in their midst, another could destroy everything Peter’s worked to build!

• Good thing Peter’s got his old pal, Harry Osborn by his side, right? …Right?

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