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Quote1.png I've been thinking over what you said. About people using me... exploiting me. How no one's really gonna look out for me but me. And I think it's time I started doing that. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

At Parker Industries, Harry Lyman gives Peter Parker, who has been waiting all night for Clayton to call them, some coffee. Peter feels guilty over distrusting Clayton, but Harry says he wasn't unreasonable for dealing with an ex-supervillian and that Clayton has to take responsibility for the choices he room before and make the right ones now.

Across town, Clayton arrives at Mendel Stromm's apartment in his new Clash costume. He thought of what he said about people using and exploiting him, and decided to finally look out for himself. Inside he finds Stromm, whose only organic part is now his face, sorrounded by his various robots. He says that since he insisted on getting a new Clash suit, he should call him Robot Master, for nostalgia's sake. He approaches Clayton with his robotic chair, admiring his suit but saying that Parker won't know who hit them. But then he considers a probability, that Clayton wants to blame another person in the company rather than Harry. Since Norman and his son don't see eye-to-eye anymore, Stromm decides to grant him this and asks what does he wants, only to get blasted by Clayton, who only wants to take him down.

Clash uses a frequency against the robots to fry their operating system... Which would have worked if Stromm hadn't shielded them against sonics as a precaution. His plan was to get rich quietly, but doesn't mind making notice, or taking Clayton's suit for himself, either. He blasts Clayton to the streets and has his robots attack him. Clash manages to blast them away and tries to escape, only to be tangled by a tentacle-based, not solid robot of Stromm's, who lifts him into the air. Clayton realizes that he is going to kill him and use his own invention to kill more people. He begins to give in, believing that they were all right to call him a loser. But Spider-Man arrives and kicks Stromm away from Clash. With Spider-Man's encouragement, he manages to destroy the blobby robot and holds the robot horde back while Spider-Man fights Stromm. Flying with Spider-Man grabbing to his head, Stromm hits him with his laser eye, which Spider-Man rips out. Stromm admires his new flexible metal suit, but he has made upgrades, too. At his command, his robots combine with each other and the cars on the streets, forming a giant robot.

Clash tells Spider-Man to focus on Stromm while he deals with the robot, asking him to trust him. Spidey hesitates, but goes to fight Stromm. Clayton, wishing to be as confident as he sounds, formulates a plan. Sonic sounds won't affect the machine with Stromm's magnetic shield, so he switches to lower frequencies, vibrations instead of sound, only to be grabbed by the automoton. Just as he thinks he will die, his plan works and the robot collapses. Fighting in the air, Spider-Man out-maneuvers Stromm and traps him on web-foam, bringing him down.

Clayton takes off his mask and celebrates, as now Spider-Man and Pete will see they can trust him. But Spider-Man says that what happened wasn't a good thing as he used the Clash tech, the one thing he shouldn't do. Clayton says he was protecting Parker Industries, but Spidey says that he could have stopped Stromm if he had told him, and asks who he didn't. Clayton reveals that he wanted to prove that he could make the right choice, but Spider-Man says he didn't, he endangered his life and those of the people on the street, caused millions of dollars in damage, and violated his parole. But he reveals that he is not fired, as Peter talked to his parole officer and convinced him this was self-defense. Clayton starts to feel grateful, but Spider-Man reveals that he will have to give up all his sonic tech and won't do anything new. Clayton says that sonic technology is his specialty, the one thing he is better at. Spider-Man says that it is what keeps getting him into trouble, and that he sells himself short as a scientist. But for Clayton, sonic technology makes him unique and he thinks that's why he wants to take it away. Spider-Man tries to tell him that's not the case, but as Clayton sees him, they are putting him on a leash. One comfortable and respectful, but still a leash. He accuses him of comparing him to an alchoholic, but Spider-Man says he is a guy that get in trouble when he uses sonic, so they'll that them away, simple enough. Spider-Man, Peter and his parole officer agree this is the only way.

Clayton laments for a moment, but then says that it is not and blasts Spider-Man.

Solicit Synopsis

• Ulysses’ visions wreak havoc on Spider-Man.

• The Amazing Spider-Man and Clash fight a swarm of robots and Clash slide into old habits!

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