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Quote1 Get ready for the shortest comeback in history, Thor. Quote2
Bill Foster

Appearing in "Civil War (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for "Civil War (Part 4)"

This issue continues the brawl from the end of Civil War Vol 1 3. The anti-registration side is stunned to see Thor alive and well. Thor, who acts with a ruthless manner, proceeds to attack the anti-registration side. Iron Man continues to lay a serious beat down on Captain America. Goliath then looks to take on Thor. Thor responds by blasting a giant bolt of lightning through Goliath's chest, killing him instantly.

Thor goes to blast the rest of the anti-registration side, but his lightning is blocked by Invisible Woman's shield. The anti-registration side takes this opportunity to turn tail and run like a pack of scalded dogs. Reed Richards then gives a verbal command that "shuts down" Thor. Invisible Woman tells Reed to not talk to her and she walks off.

The story shifts to Avengers Tower where Henry Pym is sickened by Goliath's death, and appears to be having second thoughts. Pym then reveals that Thor is just a clone, and Tony had been holding onto a strand of Thor's hair since the first meeting of the Avengers. Pym wonders what kind of man combs his furniture for hair and skin cells. Evidently, this Thor clone is not functioning properly. Spider-Man wonders if they have joined the right side on the issue.

At the "Secret Avengers" Headquarters where Captain America's team is getting medical treatment from the battle. Captain America is raving like a crazy zealot, while Nighthawk says that Captain America would not stop until the entire team is dead. Nighthawk and Cassie from the Young Avengers decide that they want no part if they are fighting other heroes and the government. They leave.

At Goliath's funeral, Tony Stark is also sickened by this death. Mrs. Sharpe, the mother whose son was one of the children killed at Stamford, approaches Tony. Mrs. Sharpe tells Tony that Goliath knew what he was doing. That it is no more Tony's fault than a cop could be blamed for shooting a criminal who pulls a gun on him. Mrs. Sharpe gives Tony her son's favorite toy: an Iron Man action figure. She said it was to remind Tony of why he is doing what he is doing. Reed Richards watches Peter Parker at the funeral, saying that Peter is acting very suspiciously.

The story shifts once again to a letter from Sue to Reed. She is leaving him and the kids. She and Johnny are joining Captain America's anti-registration side, and Susan hopes that Reed will not think she is a bad mother or a bad wife. She hopes that Reed can fix this.

Back at the Avengers Tower, Reed and Tony are talking about how they are losing more heroes from their team, and that the balance had tipped in the Captain's favor since Goliath's death. Reed and Tony decide to unleash the new version of the Thunderbolts to tip the tides: Jack o' Lantern, Songbird, The Jester, Taskmaster, Bullseye, Lady Deathstrike, and Venom.


  • Regular cover by McNiven, Vines and Hollowell.
  • Variant cover by Turner.

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