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Quote1.png You are my people. You choose me to lead you through one of this country's darkest hours. I was humbled by that choice. I still am. We survived the breaking of our nation. We fought, and we died, and forged a new nation. Together. The Blue. For six years, we have been locked in a near-constant battle with the Iron. Children live on both sides of this war who have never known a nation at peace. Those children are our attempt to make our voices heard above the rushing tide of history. A way to carry our values into the future. But what have we taught them? The only place where they can learn about a united, peaceful nation is their storybooks. There is no such thing as a just war. But there are, sometimes, necessary ones. Know that I do not take this course lightly. I have been a soldier for a very long time. I know that wars can blaze forever, if they are allowed to. They consume -- light, hope, energy, dreams -- until there is nothing but war. That is why we are here today. I fear that unless we act, right now, then we will become a nation whose only purpose is to fight. And to breed more fighters to continue the battle after we are gone. Our only gift to the generation that follows us... will be death. That bridge was built by Miriam Sharpe and her people to symbolize the idea that Blue and Iron could coexist. That there was a path between us. A path to peace. But the Iron thinks we are a nuisance. An obstacle to their plans to expand their territory. They want to take our land. Your children's land. The land you have bled for. Miriam Sharpe is dead. Even those who believed in her cause have abandoned her symbol. The bridge lies empty. There's no going back. Our children must know peace as something more than a fairy tale. Today, this war ends. Quote2.png
Captain America (General Steve Rogers)

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• Tony Stark comes face-to-face with his true enemy, while General Rogers commences a massive military effort to end the Civil War once and for all.

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