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The Civil Warrior Armor was built by Steve Rogers following the death of his friend and rival Tony Stark in their final battle during the Civil War that engulfed the planet. It combines parts of prototype armor Steve collected from Tony’s destroyed lab to be used both as battle enhancements and as homage to his fallen friend, and his own equipment.[1]

It was later upgraded by an alternate Tony Stark for the incoming battle against Carnage and Punisher 2099.[2]

Alternate Reality Versions

Steven Rogers (Earth-61311) from Secret Empire Vol 1 9 001.jpg

Prime Marvel Universe (Earth-616)

A version of this armor was utilized by the Hydra Supreme as he struggled to maintain control of the United States of America. It was created by Arnim Zola using the majority of the fragments of the Cosmic Cube, that had previously taken the form of Kobik, combined with technology stolen from Tony Stark's lab prior to the destruction of The Mount.[3] This version was capable of utilizing the full reality-warping power of the Cosmic Cube to the extent that its fractured state allowed, as well as projection of blasts akin to an Iron Man Armor. However, it was destroyed by the efforts of the rejuvenated, non-Hydra Captain America, with the help of a blow from Mjolnir.[4]

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