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The daughter of Canada's premiere heroes Guardian and Vindicator, Claire was left orphaned at a young age after her parents were killed by the Collective[1] and taken in by distant cousins of her mother.[2] When her parents were restored to life,[3] they began legal actions to reclaim her, but a judge ultimately deemed Claire's adoptive parents better suited to raising her, due to the inherent dangers of the superhero lifestyle.[2]

After her mother Heather killed her new parents, under the control of Master of the World, she was taken by Heather worried she wouldn't see her again after their deaths.[4]

While her mother thought being on the run would be the best for them, they traverse Canada for years. Claire was in her new home being read a bedtime story, when she and her mother were attacked by super powered assassins, threatening to kill Heather (and Claire if she gets in the way) for the deaths of Claire's foster parents. As she still kept the Vindicator battle suit, she battled them for a moment until she was overpowered. It wasn't until James Hudson "showed up" and defeated the 3 assassins. He then explained to her he knew where she was every time and even when Heather would change their identities. It is later revealed that Heather and Claire had been in Department H the whole time, living in a simulation as James thought it was best for both of them to be there and safe, hoping that this experience would help Heather trust him again.[5]

Heather and Claire were able to escape Department H's captivity and Heather left Claire with Marrina Smallwood and Walt Samson while she rejoined Alpha Flight to help protect mutant refugees from the Canadian government.[6] Claire was with Marrina and Walt at the Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station when mutant refugees arrived to be taken to Chandilar. Claire asked Aurora where her mother was, who had fallen into a coma from teleporting the refugees and was arrested along with James and the other Alpha Flight members by Department H for assisting mutants.[7]


  • Born on July 1, on the Canadian national holiday known as Canada Day.[2]

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