Claire McNeil is the matriarch of the McNeil clan, with seven children of her own and raising the daughter of a family friend, Elizabeth. Her oldest child, and one of two daughters, Heather married a man several years older than herself. Her parents did not approve, and they certainly didn't approve of his lack of religious upbringing and his involvement in mysterious government projects. One particularly nasty incident occurred when Heather's new friend Logan threatened Claire's husband, Ramsey. Claire and Heather went without contact for almost ten years. [1][2]

Claire soon learned her son-in-law was the hero Guardian and had died in the line of duty. She and Heather were able to reconcile, particularly when they discovered Heather had taken up the mantle of a super hero herself. [3]

Soon after, the parents gladly welcomed Heather back into her home when Alpha Flight had disbanded. Heather was engaged to Madison Jefferies, a fellow Alphan and stayed with her parents while they planned their wedding. However, Alpha Flight was soon re-formed and Heather re-took her role as a super hero.[4]



Strength level

Normal human strength.

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