Quote1.png But the world still gets worse, Dad. You helped people that day, but that day also put Stark in power. He drafted your friends with the Superhuman Registration Act. Men and women who'd already given their lives to helping others. You can't just wait for some injustice to cross your path while people get hurt somewhere. You have the power. You have to fight for a better tomorrow...you have to be a hero. Quote2.png
-- Claire Parker src


Claire and Benjy circa 1984

Both Claire and her twin brother Benjy were born while their father was off the planet participating in the Secret Wars. Shortly after his return, Mary Jane left Peter and took their children with her, unable to deal with Peter's double-life as Spider-Man following a traumatic incident with both an alien symbiote and a manic Kraven the Hunter.[1] Claire grew up with her mother and brother outside of Portland, Oregon. The extent of Peter's relationship with his children during their formative years is unclear, but an eleven-year-old Claire and Benjy embraced Peter when he re-entered his family's lives in 1995.[2]

Claire, circa 2006

In 2006, a twenty-two year old Claire was living with her parents following her college graduation, hesitant to act on a scholarship to Stanford. When her "Uncle Ben" was murdered by Morlun, Claire reasoned with her father to take action, prompting him to travel to New York both to clear his name, square away with Parker Industries, and hopefully also lure Morlun away from his family. Unfortunately, Morlun did assault the Parker household during Peter's absence, and resolved to consume Claire and Benjy as a "snack" until he could find their father. As Morlun attempted to feed from Claire, she instinctively swiped him across his face, drawing blood. The family fled into the woods, but upon noticing that Claire was able to injure Morlun, Benjy deduced that he is vulnerable when he is feeding. Benjy used himself as bait, giving Claire the opportunity to strike Morlun with a splintered log of wood, impaling him.[3] Claire would eventually become her own hero, being among the next generation of heroes who survived the Civil War and Doom's rise to power.[4]

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