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Claire Temple was a nurse at the ER of Metro-General Hospital. While on duty she heard numerous stories about a masked vigilante in Hell's Kitchen saving people's lives.

One night, Claire's neighbor Santino alerted her of having found a person beaten up in her building's dumpster. It was the masked vigilante. With the help of Santino, Claire took him to her apartment and took care of his wounds. After some hours of recovering, the vigilante, who was nicknamed "Mike" by Claire, revealed he was following the trail of a mob known as "the Russians" who had kidnapped a boy. However, he fell into a trap and barely got out alive.

"Mike" detected someone was going from apartment to apartment looking for him. While he hid in a corner, Claire took care of the person, who had identified himself as a NYPD detective. After realizing the "detective" didn't believe Claire hadn't seen anything, "Mike" proceeded to hit him with a fire extinguisher as he went down the stairs. Claire later helped "Mike" interrogate the man, and after he got the location of the boy, she was told by "Mike" to get her things and leave, as the Russians would return. Claire went to the apartment of a co-worker she was cat-sitting for.[1]



  • Before being told his secret identity, Claire referred to the masked vigilante as "Mike." In the comics, Matt Murdock faked the existence of a twin brother named Mike Murdock to help hide his secret identity.

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