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Clairton, West Virginia was the location of initial contact between humans and Rom Spaceknight. The citizens would later come to support the Spaceknight in his efforts to rid the Earth of the evil Dire Wraiths. It was a center of Dire Wraith activity, with a significant number infiltrating the town. At one time the town was under the complete control of the Wraith, who had replaced all off the humans who were imprisoned. Rom would repeatedly battle the Wraiths in the town, banishing them to Limbo and liberating the town.[2][3][4][5]

After Rom left Earth and returned to Galador, the majority of the town's populace would be slain by the Wraiths, including Starshine's family. They set a trap for Rom and Starshine, though before they could spring the trap most of them were slaughtered by a unit of Wraith-hunting Skrulls. Rom and Starshine banished or killed the remainder, upon discovering what had happened to the town.[6]


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