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The Clairvoyant was a probability-predicting device created by Empire State University student Jamie Tolentino.[1] It originated from a Parker Industries Webware device whose GPS Jamie had repurposed into an early warning system for large-scale emergencies.[2] Inspired by Dr. Curt Connors' speech on changing the future for the better, Jamie built the Clairvoyant with the objective to offer humankind a way to seek answers for present problems in the infinite number of alternate futures where these answers have already been found.

Despite its promising potential, the Clairvoyant lacked a power source big enough to increase its quantum computer abilities, making it unable to do anything demonstrably useful.[1] Jamie enlisted the help of fellow student Peter Parker to keep working on perfecting the device. While holding the device in his backpack as Spider-Man, Peter was caught in a power surge caused by Spider-Man 2099's time travel, which supercharged the Clairvoyant.[3] After Doctor Doom besieged Manhattan with Doombots, Spider-Man used the Clairvoyant to examine different outcomes and see how to appease Doom.[4]

After Peter returned the supercharged Clairvoyant to Jamie,[5] he used it at the supervillain airborne casino called The Palace to bet on the outcomes of superhuman fights.[6] He ranked up an unprecedented streak of wins, although he also sometimes let himself lose on purpose to avoid suspicions. However, as the Clairvoyant ran out of battery, Jamie started genuinely losing, causing him to ultimately became indebted.

Jamie and Peter continued attempting to repower the Clairvoyant to no avail. When The Palace's owner, Chance, confronted Jamie to pay up, Jamie suggested using a device named the Catalyst that was under custody of Empire State University as a power source.[7] After Jamie assisted steal the Catalyst, it was taken to The Palace alongside the Clairvoyant, but both devices were snatched by the Jack O'Lanterns, who revealed themselves as double-agents for the Finisher.[8] Spider-Man intervened, and he secured the two artifacts after a fight. In the aftermath of crash-landing The Palace, Jamie swore off the Clairvoyant due to the trouble he had caused by using it, and handed it to Spider-Man for safekeeping. In turn, Spider-Man gave the device to his sister Teresa Parker. Teresa had been tasked by the Finisher with retrieving the Clairvoyant after attempting to gaslight her into becoming a double agent of him, but Teresa opted instead to destroy it.[9]


Utilizing quantum computations to examine the ever expanding Multiverse, the Clairvoyant tabulates commonalities and information from the present tense, extrapolating a possible outcome.[2] The device is powered by a supercharged burst of temporal energy and integrated with Miguel O'Hara's former holographic A.I. assistant, Lyla.[4] Since the Clairvoyant surveys an infinite spectrum of alternate realities, where there will always be at least one reality outside the frame of question, it's mathematically impossible for the device to predict with full certainity, with its higher results being in the margin of 90%.[5]

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