Jamie was a classmate of Peter Parker's at Empire State University,[1] who developed and built a quantum predictive computer, dubbed "The Clairvoyant".[2]

At ESU, Jamie presented Peter Parker his repaired Webware device while the two were part of a group project. In need of a project idea for the semester, Jamie took initiative and modified the Webware into a predictive quantum computer to analyze the expanding Multiverse and extrapolate a plausible near future.[1] Revealing this device in a class presentation, Jamie provided an accurate detailed prediction of Peter's excuse for being late to class, as well as what his group and the audience would say.[2]

After the presentation, Jamie acknowledged the limited ability of the device, due to an inadequate power source for quantum computing, and requested that Peter find a solution as he managed a start-up despite its eventual downfall.[3] After Peter accepted, he returned a day later to Jamie with the device serendipitously supercharged by a burst of temporal energy and integrated with Miguel O'Hara's former holographic A.I. assistant, Lyla.[4]

While Jamie was excited for the new power source, when Peter inquired how the device could never reach 100% during tests, Jamie explained the Clairvoyant could only tabulate from common threads as every reality would be unique, thus any absolute certainty would be mathematically impossible.[5] Needing funding for and field testing the Clairvoyant's capabilities, Jamie took the device to Chance's casino, the Palace, where he earned a substantial profit after eight consecutive wins.[6]


Skilled Inventor & Engineer: Capable of repurposing a Webware wrist computer into a quantum prediction computer.[2]

Gifted Intellect: Jamie possesses an inherit intelligence for engineering, as displayed when he built a quantum computer from a Webware device.[2]


The Clairvoyant: Developed from the Parker Industries' Webware device, the Clairvoyant was redesigned to operate as a quantum computer to extrapolate the most likely future outcome.[2]

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