Clamp Casey (Earth-616) from Human Torch Comics Vol 1 13 002

Before the accident

"Clamp" Casey was a mob boss who was active in New York City in the 1940s. His strict orders, his meticulous planning, and demanding attitude earned him the nickname of the "Fuehrer" and the "Dictator" of the rackets. His minions eventually got fed up of his treatment of them and staged a mutiny. Casey did not go down without a fight but was taken down by sheer numbers. He was then locked in a flaming car that was pushed off a cliff into a lake below. His minions then considered him dead and went about their crime spree that was both reckless and highly disorganized without their former leader's planning. This gave the authorities a hard time containing the chaos.

Casey survived the attempt on his life thanks to the fact that the lake put out the fire and an air bubble prevented the car from fully sinking. The car floated down river where it washed up on shore in front of the home of Dr. Geeves -- a world famous plastic surgeon. Hearing Casey's moans of agony, Geeves recovered the horribly scarred man and brought him into his home.

There, Casey told him a fake story about how he was a federal agent who was attacked by Nazi spies and asked the plastic surgeon to repair the damage to his face. Geeves believed the story and performed the surgery even though he had no guarantee that he could restore Casey's original appearance. His fears proved valid as the end result turned Clamp Casey into a hideous freak. Horrified by his new appearance, Casey strangled the charitable doctor to death and went back out into the world, vowing revenge on his former gang. He decided to start calling himself "The End" as he began to think of himself as being the "end" of his former minions.

By this time, the Human Torch and Toro were on the case attempting to quell the crime spree caused by Casey's departure from the scene. When his minions began turning up dead, the Torch and Toro made the common connection between all the villains and went back to Casey's old hideout to find out what was going on. They spotted The End just as he was about to toss one of his former minions off a roof top and prevented it, but The End managed to get away. Tracking him to a movie theater where his minions were hiding out, the Torch and Toro apprehended him along with his remaining gang.

The morning following his capture, the papers reported that The End had hung himself in his own cell.[1]


Following his accident Clamp Casey was horribly maimed and required extensive plastic surgery to be able to function normally. When the process was completed he required braces on his writs, ankles, neck and shoulders. Casey killed himself before he could fully heal, and it is unknown if the braces were permanent, even in such a case that they were not he would have remained crippled and have impaired mobility even without them.

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