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Clan Orii[1]

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Clan Orii[1]
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Orii Yakuza[2]


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formerly Kenzo Orii

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Clan Orii was a Tokyo-based Yakuza syndicate with branches in the United States. It had a presence on both the West Coast and the East Coast. On the east coast it's stronghold was in Philadelphia where they control a crime cartel, and they were expanding into New York City.[3][2]

It was led by Kenzo Orii, but in the United States leading the expansion was Sano Orii his brash and reckless son. Who brought attention to the clan's operations by selling Mutant Growth Hormone, assaulting American constumes, and killing police. Sano wanted to make a statement by killing an American super-powered hero.[4][5]

The MGH dealing operation was taken down by Daredevil with the assistance of Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage.[6] Later they partnered with the Chaeyi syndicate and were involved in smuggling U.S. passports and green cards.[7]

The operation was disrupted by White Tiger backed up by Black Widow, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. During the battle with the Yakuza and the street gang working for them, Sano accidentally killed his father. He then committed seppuku (ritual suicide), after which the police arrived and arrested the gang members and Yakuza.[1]

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