Detective Clancy Mullaney was an Irish American who worked his way up to the rank of police detective in the city of Jimtown during the 1940's. He grew weary of the ethics of popular newspaper reporter Tom Powers and his partner photograph Kenny Roberts. In his own words, Mullaney believed that their willingness to get a scoop for their paper, the Free Press, was an obstruction of justice as they would often take important evidence from a crime scene.

In his only recorded adventure, Mullaney was forced to work with Roberts and Powers when they found evidence at the scene of an armored truck robbery. Taking the discarded gas mask and gloves left by one of the thieves to a police scientist, the scientist compiled enough evidence for them to connect the gloves and mask to "Muscles" Moe. Tracking Moe to his hideout, Powers, Roberts, and Mullaney were shocked to learn that the theft was organized by J.P. Morgan the owner of the bank whose armored car was robbed. In a climactic fight, Roberts and the others overpowered Morgan and his gang and recovered the stolen loot. With Morgan and the mobsters turned over to the authorities, Powers then called in the story to the Free Press.[1]


Mullaney was a skilled law enforcement officer and detective.


Mullaney carried a police-issued revolver.

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