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Clare Gruler was the daughter of Helmut Gruler, the original Iron Cross. She took her father's legacy as Iron Cross and became a super hero for Germany.

Before Terrigenesis

Her Inhuman genes were activated when she was inside her Iron Cross armor, for which her powers to molecularly bond with other elements fused her with the suit and she became a cyborg.

Iron Cross was kidnapped by Kurt Dagmar due to her new nature, along with other robots and A.I.s. She managed to send a signal for help which was received by the Winter Soldier. The control Dagmar had over her was interrupted when he was killed by one of his Deathloks.[1]



Molecular Bonding: Iron Cross has the ability to molecularly bond with other elements. Apparently, this bonding worked only once when it first manifested and fused her with her Iron Cross suit.[1]


Energy Discharge[1]

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