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Little has been revealed about Clarence Ward's history. He held a grudge against Tony Stark because Stark allegedly ruined his reputation, destroyed his company, and nearly burned him to death. He stole an Iron Man Armor Model 20 and framed Stark for the deaths of nearly all of Stark Industries' board of directors and Stark's lover Rumiko Fujikawa. When he tried to kill Stark, Stark managed to retrieve a spare Model 20 armor and angrily battled Ward. When Ward revealed his identity, Stark didn't know who he was. Stark eventually defeated Ward by activating a failsafe that froze Ward's armor, trapping him inside. While Stark chose not to kill Ward, a military commander assigned to deal with Ward chose to shoot him to death. It was later revealed he was actually a pawn used in the schemes of Temujin.[1]



Clarence Ward has no powers of his own, except for those derived from a stolen Iron Man Armor.



Iron Man Armor Model 20

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