Blink was born a mutant, gifted with the power to create small spacial warps in her near vicinity. She was part of a small group of free mutants who were remnants of the X-Men and their allies, fighting a bitter losing war against the Sentinels.

Blink provided tactical support for the group, using her spacial warps to control the flow of battle by teleporting her allies and and interfering with the attacks of her aggressors. Each time the group was discovered, she would help fight the Sentinels to gain time for Kitty and Bishop to affect a time displacement warning to themselves in the recent past.

Blink died in battle countless times in possible futures that never came to pass, each time slaughtered by the Sentinels, until the day Kitty attempted a temporal displacement of five decades, which allowed Wolverine to branch history on a new course of history from 1973.

In the final event, this reality's Blink was stabbed at least four times - twice in the back and twice in the stomach - by large spikes making up the arms of the Sentinels.[1]


Teleportation Warp Portals: Blink can create spacial warp portals in her near vicinity, effectively creating doorways at two points through which people or objects could pass, instantaneously being transported from one open portal to the next without having to traverse the space between. Used simply as a mode of transport, these warps could be positioned to move herself and others freely around to rapidly redeploy to new locations. Used tactically, the open portals could be positioned to redirect the attacks of her enemies and allies so that they focused fire primarily back on her enemies.

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