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Clarice was the wife of Weasel, from whom he kept the secret that he was a mercenary handler.[1] She eventually discovered her husband's activities when they were attacked in their house by the Assassins Guild, a group of mercenaries with a vendetta against Weasel's client, Deadpool. Clarice and Weasel were saved by Deadpool and his protégée Threnody, and taken to the Hellhouse to lie low.[2]

When Deadpool raided the Assassins Guild's headquarters in New Orleans, he took Clarice, Weasel and Threnody to a motel nearby. Assassins Guild agents tracked them down, but Deadpool had prepared a trap, misleading the Assassin Guild into checking a room rigged with explosives, which gave Weasel and Clarice a window to escape. However, Weasel was impaled from behind by a mercenary that was waiting for them in their escape vehicle. Before Threnody took off with Clarice, she got to tell Weasel that she was pregnant. Threnody abducted Clarice to her lair in the sewers,[3] where she intended to absorb the energy of Clarice's unborn child and feed it to her own baby to cure it of an affliction. Due to Threnody's powers, her baby was born a an undead demonic creature that required to be regularly nourished with the necroplasmic energies that Threnody was capable of absorbing. Deadpool stopped Threnody and saved the lives of Clarice and her baby. Despite Clarice's disgust towards Deadpool, he checked in on her.[4]

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