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Clark Finark, a candidate for a midwest congressional seat, hired Pseudonix Incorporated to manage his advertising campaign. Unfortunately, upon discovering Finark's birth certificate stated he was from the planet Veegwal - a result of his parents being on acid in the 1960s - his opponent exploited his "extraterrestrial origin" to the fullest and his campaign imploded. Finark stole a helmet from Pseudonix ,the most advanced application of their Pseudonic Imaging technology; now calling himself Pseudo-Man, he unleashed his new power on Loopner and Pseudonix in an attempt at vengeance. Loopner hired She-Hulk to defend him, but Pseudo-Man easily overpowered her on their first encounter, proceeding to blanket the Manhattan streets with the energy from his Pseudonic Cannon, hoping to recondition all of mankind to react negatively to the symbolism used in advertising. She-Hulk finally tricked Pseudo-Man into knocking her through the roof of a power station, then used some electric cables to short out his helmet and removed it. With the source if his power neutralized, he was captured. [1]

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