Clarke Futuristics was founded by Stuart Clarke, hoping to lead America into the future in the most efficient way, via his own high-tech company. He designed an exoskeleton, intending for it to revolutionize modern police work, but when Stark's Los Angeles operation started working on a similar project, it got the government contracts in his place. Clarke struggled against the larger corporations, such as Stark and Roxxon. Even when he was first with a product, he couldn't supply it as economically or as rapidly as those companies. Facing the prospective of bankruptcy, Clarke donned his exoskeleton and prepared to take what he needed to revive Clarke Futuristics from banks, protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which he perceived as causing no real people to suffer loss, while the bank's losses would be covered by the government, whom he blamed for putting his business in such dire straights[1].
After his bank robbery, the police soon appeared outside of Clarke Futuristics and demanded his surrender. His boot jets having been damaged in the previous flight, Clarke donned his ionic jet pack and burst through the back doors, unwittingly flattening a pair of policemen, Conners and one other, preparing to break in[2].

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