Appearing in "Wolverine: Alone!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
X-Men #133.

Synopsis for "Wolverine: Alone!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
X-Men #133.

Appearing in "Briggs' Revenge"

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Synopsis for "Briggs' Revenge"

Having some spare time, Storm flies to New York. Her strange way of arrival is witnessed by a mutant boy, Billy Briggs. Glad to have found a fellow mutant, he tries to ask her for help, but Ororo mistakes it as some Billy hitting on her and, rather annoyed, ignores him. When he gets angry, Ororo is saved by a rather handsome business man. Billy feels betrayed that a mutant like her is as prejudiced as baseline humans and acts nice towards the handsome stranger just because of his looks. He secretly follows her to take revenge, intending to take her carefree attitude and her enjoyment of life from her. Witnessing her, Wolverine and Colossus together, Briggs sees his chance. With his disintegrative blasts he enters the scene and announces to kill just one of the men, though Ororo needs to chose which one. She ponders her situation, thinking about who of them is the better X-Man and should continue to live, but then forsakes such thoughts. Instead, she reasons that Logan has a better chance of possibly dodging and surviving the blast and chooses him. Her gamble was straight on the money and, together, the three X-Men defeat Billy Briggs, though the damage is done. Though Logan knows Ororo’s decision was the right one, it still hurt him and, likewise, Storm is depressed over her friend’s bitterness towards her.

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