Quote1.png Let her have the boy, then! And when she's broken, she'll need me all the more! Quote2.png
-- Mystique to Destiny

Appearing in "Elegy"

This story is a reprint of the comic
X-Men #138.

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Synopsis for "Elegy"

This story is a reprint of the comic
X-Men #138.

X-Men past and present attend the graveside rites for their fallen team mate, Jean Grey. Jean's grieving parents and sister attend as well. As Scott listens to the eulogy, he thinks back over the years of his relationship with Jean Grey.

He recalls the earliest days of the X-Men and how, when Jean first joined the team, they were all in love with her. He then recalls the team's first battles with Magneto[2], Vanisher[3] and the Blob[4] as well as the formation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants[5] and the X-Men's subsequent clashes with them[6][7].

Scott's recollections range over the course of the X-Men's history: how distant he felt isolated from his teammates when Professor X briefly put him in charge of the school and how Warren began pursuing a relationship with Jean[8][9], their encounter with Ka-Zar in the Savage Land[10], the encounter with the Stranger that saw the defeat of their old enemies Magneto and Toad[11], and their battles against the Juggernaut[12][13] and the Sentinels[14][15][16].

In quick succession, he recalls battles against the likes of Mimic[17], Count Nefaria[18][19], the Locust[20], Kulculkhan[21][22], Banshee[23], the Super-Adaptoid[24], Warlock[25], and Cobalt Man. He thinks back to how Warren's eventual relationship with Candy Southern cleared the way for Scott and Jean to pursue their own relationship[26].

The threats would continue to come, however, with the return of Juggernaut (whom they defeated with the aid of Dr. Strange[27][28]), their battle with Tyrannus and the Mole Man[29], their first encounter with Spider-Man[30], Mekkano[31] and the ongoing war against Factor Three[32][33] which ended with a graduation and the group getting unique costumes[34].

He remembers the day they battle Grotesk[35], a battle that saw the seeming demise of Professor X[36] and the government-ordered (though temporary) dissolution of the X-Men. He recalls a non-stop whirlwind of adventures such as saving Lorna Dane from Mesmero and a Magneto robot[37][38][39], rescuing his own brother Alex from the Living Monolith[40][41][42], and later stopping Larry Trask's Sentinels[43][44][45] as well as battles with Sauron[46][47], Magneto and his Savage Land Mutates[48][49] and the Japanese mutant Sunfire[50].

He then recalls how the very much alive Professor X resurfaced to prevent an invasion from the alien Z'Nox[51][52] and how Hank quit the team was mutated into his more furry form[53].

Scott's mind then focuses on the formation of the new X-Men to save the old team from the mutant island Krakoa[54] and their first mission against Count Nefaria[55] that ended with Thunderbird's death[56]. He recalls the capture of Jean and several X-Men by Stephen Lang's Sentinels[57][58] that would lead to the rebirth of Jean as Phoenix[59], battling the threats of Black Tom and Juggernaut[60][61], the return of Magneto[62], the arrival of Empress Lilandra[63] and how Phoenix saved the universe from destruction by stabilizing the M'Kraan Crystal[64] and afterwards their battle with Weapon Alpha[65].

He recalls how their abductions by Mesmero[66] and Magneto[67][68][69] would lead Scott and Jean to each believe the other dead. Scott and the X-Men would go on to help save the Savage Land from Sauron[70] and Garrok[71], Japan from Moses Magnum[72][73]. The X-Men would also clash with Alpha Flight in Canada[74][75] over Wolverine.

While Cyclops and the X-Men were battling Arcade, Scott recalls, Jean was being secretly seduced by their old foe Mastermind[76][77]. He remembers their clash with Proteus[78][79][80][81] and how the team - now reunited with Phoenix - would meet Kitty Pryde and attempt to recruit her into the X-Men only to be ambushed by the Hellfire Club[82] and how the Hellfire Club manipulated Jean into becoming their Black Queen[83], unleashing her Dark Phoenix persona[84] and ultimately leading her to sacrifice her life[85].

With Scott's recollection complete, he offers his condolences for Jean's parents. Lilandra offers them as well and gives the Greys a gift: a holomatrix globe that will fill them with Jean's essence whenever they touched it.

After most of the mourners have left, Scott informs the Professor and his team mates that he's quitting the X-Men. The Professor understands and wishes Scott the best of luck, remarking on how proud he is of him.

But just as one X-Men leaves their ranks, a new one arrives. A cab pulls up in front of Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and out comes Kitty Pride who sits on the steps waiting for the X-Men to come home from the funeral.

Appearing in "Her First & Last"

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  • Cody Robbins' parents and friends (Vision)

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Synopsis for "Her First & Last"

Young Rogue has fun with her friend Cody until he tries to kiss her. She rejects him, knowing that she can't touch people's skin. Mystique tries to comfort Rogue, but she runs off, angry that she can't have a normal life. Later, Cody dares Rogue to kiss him, and she does, knocking him out and absorbing his memories. In an instant, Rogue learns everything about Cody, and runs off crying.

Returning home, Rogue hides her pain and despair behind fake enthusiasm for Mystique's next mission.


  • Contains a pinup by Steve Lightle.
  • This is the last issue of Classic X-Men to have an all-new back-up story. All further issues in this series are straight reprints of the original issues with no new material.

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  • [1] plot summary at uncannyxmen.net


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