Clay was a hitman with the ability to create duplicates of himself. He was hired by Chicago mob boss Ed Vanceto kill Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, who possessed powers similar to Clay. At the same time, Clay was secretly working for Vance's fiancé, Sheila DeSoto, who was using her mutants powers to kill the biggest mob bosses in Chicago so that she herself could take their place. He was seemingly killed along with Sheila by Vance after he discovered his and Sheila's duplicity, but this was in fact also a dupe. [1]

However, Clay recently returned[2], working for the Purity Singers. He and Solo subdued Siryn and M when they attended a Purity Singers concert, leaving them bound in a small building in the middle of the desert. This meant that the Clay that died, who could have been either the original or a dupe, was not the only extant at the time.

Clay showed up again in the employ of the Assassins Guild. He was tasked with assassinating Wolverine his and Domino's arrival in New Orleans, but Clay was killed by the Hand before the two arrived.


Duplication: Clay can create duplicates of himself, much like Multiple Man. His duplicates seem to be in better control of themselves, whereas Madrox's are unstable with varying personalities.


A skilled sniper, capable of merely grazing a target's head if desired.


Always wears sunglasses, because his eyes are completely white, without any irises or pupils.


Guns, knives, sniper rifles.

Clay's origin is unknown, but it is possible that he is a changeling, or part of a mutant species or subspecies with duplication powers, as he said to Madrox: "Did you think you were the only one? You don't know anything , Madrox... Least of all what you really are".[1] It is unknown as far if that sentence was meant to mention the Changeling or simply the duplication power.

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