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Clay Quartermain is Nick Fury's most loyal captain in S.H.I.E.L.D and was first seen informing Fury of the fact that Whirlwind was actually a mutant.[1]

The Breakout

When the Breakout happened at the Cube, The Vault and The Big House he reported it to Nick Fury. After Graviton was defeated by Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man and Hulk, Agent Quartermain took control and surrounded them with the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to secure the Hulk. He stopped when Fury ordered him to stand down. Quartermain received the file report of the incident and reported to Fury was that Graviton not the cause of the breakout.[2]

Gamma World

Quartermain later called upon the Avengers to help stop a massive Gamma dome that had been growing from the Cube and created by The Leader. His anti-Gamma suit had been torn and he had turned into a Gamma-irradiated creature. Once the Avengers had destroyed the dome generator, he had turned back to normal.[3] This was a short-lived victory, as The Leader was just using the Cube as a test and then preceded to use a secret satellite and transform all of Las Vegas into Gamma monsters, including Quartermain who was with the rest of the Avengers near the Cube. Luckily, Thor, The Hulk, and Hawkeye stopped the Leader's plan and returned all of the citizens of Las Vegas and the Avengers to their normal selves.[4]

Secret Invasion

At some point, Clay Quartermain has been kidnapped and switched with a Skrull imposter. He was taken prisoner onto a Skrull space ship along with Captain America, Madame Hydra, Lyle Getz, King Cobra, Mockingbird, and Henry Gyrich. The group was able to esacpe their cells and attempted to esacpe the ship but were stopped by the Super Skrull. Cap and Madamde Hydra were able to distract the Skrull while Clay and the others fled to the ship. When Getz said that he was willing to leave Cap and Madamde Hydra behind, Clay knocked him out and took over controls of the ship and helped everyone leave to safety.[5] The group eventually headed back to Earth and helped the remaining heroes take down the Skrulls.[6]


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