Quote1 I was one of those "lunatic psychopaths," Sajani. And this isn't just about holding criminals... it's about reforming them. Peter hired me when no one else would 'cause he believed I could rise above my old life as Clash. That's all some of these guys need... a chance. Quote2
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Clayton was a smart kid who was home-schooled by his mother. He went and saw Crusher Hogan's wrestling match and saw the first appearance of the Masked Marvel. Recording and uploading their match, he believed he made him famous because the video had over three million hits. Learning he was giving a show at the RKP Palace, he went and saw the Masked Marvel's evolution into Spider-Man. This was the first time anyone had seen the Spider-Suit, his webbing, and his ability to web-sling. While getting Spidey's autograph he heard his voice and learned Spider-Man was around his age, a fact he didn't deny. Clayton then planned to create tech, practice moves, and don a mask like Spidey.

Clayton went to every single show Spidey had, unbeknownst to him he was only there to get the money to help out his Aunt May, and even witnessed him put into a dangerous situation and nearly destroyed the whole building, thinking it was part of the show. He then completed his suit, naming himself Clash, and believed that the whole world would take notice of him.[1]

Clash came into conflict with and was defeated by Spider-Man, and sent to juvie.[2]

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Thirteen years later, Clayton was released on parole, and began secretly working for super villains as a henchmen including The Owl.[3] When his latest employer, Dr. Minerva, fought Spider-Man, Clayton double-crossed his fellow henchmen when he realized Ms. Marvel was carrying an Inhuman baby she had rescued from them. Spider-Man recognized him and, after hearing he'd been trying to go straight, offered him a job at Parker Industries, which Clayton was overjoyed to accept.[4]

His position at Parker Industries was limited as he was still on probation for partaking in henchmen activities. Cole's participation with Spider-Man's globe trotting adventures, as well as cooperation with S.H.I.E.L.D. helped to resolve numerous threats, such as the Ghost and Zodiac.[5]

Ulysses, an Inhuman with precognitive abilities, shared with Spider-Man a vision shorting after meeting Clayton: that of Clayton as Clash attacking Spider-Man.[6]

Following Peter and Spider-Man's distance from him after this, Cole used a device in Peter's office to hear the echoes of the conversations held in rooms hours later; he was shocked to hear about the vision and storms out quitting his job. Meeting old friends at a pub called the Moynihan's Social Club, Cole was approached my the Mendel Stromm for a heist on Parker Industries.[3] After ordering an updated version of his Clash suit from Tinkerer, Clayton met Stromm at his hideout and went vigilante on the mechanical hoard on his own until Spider-Man arrived to help. While saving Parker Industries from a perpetrator and its resources, Cole was chastised by Spider-Man for his actions as they led to millions in property damage, and while he would be allowed to keep working for Parker Industries, he could only do so without working on sonic technologies. Believing his life would always be ruined and never being given chances, Ulysses' vision comes to pass.[5] After a fight with Spider-Man, Clash got away. At the Moynihan's Social Club, Clash makes plans to become a crime boss.[7]



  • Genius Intellect: Academically gifted, Clayton displays an uncanny affinity for science that is nothing short of genius. He has earned many academic achievements in math, chess, and spelling. He has also invented a sonic pulse generator.[1]
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    Clash mask


  • Clash's sonic technology

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