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  Clayton Wilson is one of the subjects Tony Stark made into one of his armor guards. Going by the name Force, Wilson joined Stark's elite armored group he dubbed Iron Force as a Recon scout due to his suit's stealth capabilities. He re-conned a certain section of the Iron Zone when the first wave of The Thing's monster army intercepted him.
Clayton Wilson (Earth-TRN340) 0002

Thing crushing Force.

As Force tried to retreat he was blasted from behind by Arskhal, a winged beast under Grimm's control. He mentioned he was surprised that his pet couldn't be tracked on the armor's radar. Wilson fell from the sky straight into Thing's large hand. As he was trying to call for reserves, Grimm crushed him to death saying that he will send him back to Stark.[1]


Seemingly those of Clayton Wilson (Earth-616)#Powers.

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